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April 2011
Gas in the stomach: Best of Best: Nux Vomica 30 in the night and Puls 30 in the morning - every day for a few weeks
Weight Loss: Works as long as it is taken. When stopped, the weight gains back!: Antimionium Crud 30, in wet dose, twice a day. This is a gift for women
Stress Relief: Bell 30 and Cocculus 30 together. The result is permanent
To gain strength: Nux in teh evening, Cocculus 30 in the morning. Intercurrently, Phos 30
To antidote excessive MEdicines: Teuc m v 6, followed by Acid Phos 30. Alternately, Aloe 30 and Hydrastis 30 together.
Old Age: Fear remains for all old age. Give Rescue Remedy in surplus
June 2011
Apis Mel 30 followed by Natrum Mur 30 - affects gums - no good 
UTI: Sarasaparilla 30, Berb Vel 30 = together; Thuja 30  may be required
Night Nux Vomica and Morning Phos 30: makes hair folicles smooth in the legs
To cool the body: Sara 30 + Berb Vul 30 together, followed by Merc Cor 30
Giddiness: Nux Vom 30 in the evening, Morning Bell 30
Ipeca 30 and Puls 30 alternately - excellent for digestion
Aconite and Sarasaparila 30 together is very good - for what?
Ars Alb 30, Calc Carb 30, Cocculus 30, Bell 30. In this order has a health building effect
23 June 11
Breathing difficulty: Lachesis 30, very infrequently
Irritabilty, cannot bear the life stress:
Night: Nux Vomica 30, Next Morning: Ars Alb 30 (use this two for various disorders)
Sleeplessness: Nux Vom 30
Digestion and several other problems: 
Nux Vom 30 in the night, Puls 30 in the morning and afternoon. 3 doses a day for 5 days.  
Ipeca 30 and Puls 30 alternately, only if lump feeling in the throat or feeling coming upward. Nux Vom intermittently
after 3 or 4 days gap, give the following for one day only and then give a few days gap:
Night: Nux Vomica 30, Next Morning: Ars Alb 30 (use this two for various disorders)

Nux Vom 200 in the evening and Sepia 30 in the morning for stretching pain (izzhuppu) in the leg

Nux Vom 200 -> Sepia 30: address the izhukud

aspen (weak nerves), whitechestnut, century, crab apple (detox) - 8 drops,
olive, gentian, walnut: old age

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