Tooth Pain, Gum Problem

For tooth pain and carries, there is a global contribution of gall bladder health (ability to digest calcium, vit D, fat etc) and/or lack of calcium intake. Taking Val Bean, soaked, boiled, taken 10 beans, twice a day is an effective natural way to digest calcium. Homeopathic remedy: Symphytum 200 and Calc Phos 3x together, once a week is another great way. With this, the appetite for calcium will increase and hence take calcium (food source) as frequently as allowed and possible.

For pain in one or two teeth (either with carries or in a sound tooth), there is a corresponding organ that need to be boosted to get over with pain

For example, for the pain in molar tooth, lung and/or large intestine need to be fortified, along with local clean up and brushing with natural and effective cleanser.

For lung - Bryonia 30 and Aconite 200, twice a day. For other organs, Dr. P Banerji's book gives the best organ based protocols

During the pain: Beat/Crush, Sukku, Omam, Milagu and hold in the tooth/teeth all night (found very effective)
Brush with the tooth powder made of: Salt and Neem (both roasted gently to nearly black), grind and use it as a tooth powder to keep gums and teeth healthy - an easy to make and very effective tooth powder.


For Tooth ache, bleeding gums and gum recession
 Dosage  Medicine     Note
 1st Medicine  Belladona 30 and Merc Sol 30

Alternate these two medicines, once in 2 hours during acute pain.  After it is better, take 4 doses total in a day (2 of each medicine) for 1 to 2 weeks.

If chronic, due to mercury fillings, there is a safe and magic medicine. It is Aurum Met 30c in wet dose, twice a day for a week or longer.

Allopathic Medicine that is found to be working consistently:
NICE - 1 tablet and Resteclin 250mg (antibiotic)- 1 tablet. The dose can be repeated up to twice a day, if necessary for 2 days only. Find a dentist and take necessary local measures.

Biological Denstistry (find a dentist here)


AZ, EAV only(not dentist):