Get White Skin!!

There is only one thing on the earth which beautifies the human being or makes you look beautifull and that is Taraxacum Q. take 30 drops of this extract in a glass of water everyday and dont exceed the recommeded dose.
- Dr Syed Zaair Husain Rizvi
I just want to you all people to know about the medicine in Homeopathy which not only gives fair look but also vanish all the pimple scar, black spot on the face due to which the suffering people feel very depressed, hide them self, don’t like to participate in society, think themselves inferior to other people only because they are not beautiful as other. We have a wonderful drugs in homoeopathy Fragaria Vesca 3x 5 drops three times in a day with 1 spoon water . take Orally keep it 1 minute in mouth.. pls continue at least 3 month to get the result….. it is harmless and dependable drugs…  Dr. Sharma